Investments main focus

Crowdinvesting offers the opportunity for a large number of investors to participate in the success of a project or company with small amounts of money.


Project companies use  crowd investing platforms to collect money for the realization or further development of their project. 
An investment in a project is granted in the form of a subordinated loan.

Investors determine the amount of the loan and receive the interest and redemption payments at the agreed term on the bank account deposited by you.    

The crowd investing   was initiated to connect real estate experts with investors. The platform offers investors and small investors the opportunity to generate attractive returns and profit from the real estate boom.

Subordination concerns the order in which all creditors of the project company or company are satisfied in the event of insolvency. Creditors of a subordinated loan are serviced after all senior creditors as project financing banks, but before the shareholders.


Start ups offer  the opportunity to accompany ambitious and experienced industry experts from the outset on their intended and challenging path from a young innovative start-up company to market leader.

Our focus is to bring committed investors together with entrepreneurs  and their innovative ideas. Investors should be able to choose from a variety of projects and companies and determine for themselves where and to what extent their money should have an effect.


Profilog concentrates on the selection  of real estate projects and selected start-up companies.


The financing is strictly regulated in Germany and is subject to supervision by the Federal Financial Supervisory.

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